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Helmet Axor Rage Solid

Helmet Axor Rage Solid

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Rage, the perfect helmet built for the street. Compact, a lightweight helmet that is packed with performance. It features the aerodynamic spoiler designed for extra stability at high speed and also comforts for your long rides.


● The upper air intake vent is situated to maximize air volume into the helmet interior.
● The behind outlet vent is coherent with PC Spoiler, allowing it to be stationed for optimum flow-through ventilation.
● Inhalation guard & chin curtain are incorporated.


● Optically correct visor.
● Quick and toolless visor change mechanism.
● The spring-loaded visor mechanism ensures a wind and waterproof seal.
● Scratch-resistant Visor.


● Equipped with a Micro-metric quick-release lock system.
● ABS material is used for High-Performance.
● Homologation- ECER - 2205(Europe) & DOT FMVSS NO. 218(US) Helmet Safety Standards and ISI certified
● Weighs 1400±50 gms


● Detachable Spoiler for Streamlined Presentation & Stability at High Speed.
● Tough Polycarbonate Material.
● Easy to Remove/Replace.
● Available in two variants- Clear & Smoke.


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